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Crunchyroll Jewelry Collection

Filo Ear Climbers

Filo Ear Climbers

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Filo's hair broach has been crafted into earring climbers.

Young and boisterous, she has a short attention span, has a ravenous appetite, and often fights Raphtalia and Gaelion for Naofumi's attention, much to his and others annoyance. Also highly impressionable, she has been shown to pick up on some of Naofumi's habits much to Raphtalia's distress. A capable learner, she is able to use advanced wind magic spells and many of the teachings of Hengen Muso with minimal instruction. Her skills are recognized by her Queen predecessor, Fitoria, and is given some of her power.

What’s Your Passion has crafted this pendant by starting with official schematics and casting it in .925 sterling silver, we coat the earrings in a layer of rhodium for lasting protection from the elements and add a layer of 14kt yellow gold overlay on top of the silver to bring an impressive depth to the design.

Packaging: Black Linen Paper Box

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