Metal Market Prices: Gold, silver and rhodium prices constantly fluctuate and are driven by supply and demand. The retail prices currently listed account for small fluctuations and are subject to change should there be any drastic change in either market. 

Fine Jewelry: Unless specified, each piece of sterling silver is finished with a layer of Rhodium, which is a white metal belonging to the Platinum group. A rhodium finish adds a bright luster to a piece of jewelry and aids in preventing tarnish. Our 925 sterling silver is always nickel free.  



Please do not use any harsh or abrasive cleaning agents to clean your jewelry as you can remove the antiquing process and/or damage the gold plating and enamel applications.

As professional jewelers, What’s Your Passion recommends that you do not wear your jewelry (not just our own) in the pool or ocean; the chemicals may not hurt your skin, but metals react differently. One time may not cause any visual damage, however repeated exposure will surely lessen the lifespan of any piece. We also recommend removing your jewelry prior to any physical activities such as cooking, cleaning, or going to the gym, or even while sleeping! 

We are not responsible for any merchandise, which has been adjusted, repaired, refinished, or altered in any way by another jeweler. These activities would void our return policy.  

We are not responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of a jewelry item or gemstone. 

Please note, we do not warranty the craftsmanship of the sterling silver chains or leather cords that we provide, as they are included for free. They are the only part of your purchase that we do not produce. 


Costume Jewelry is comprised of non-precious metals such as brass, bronze, zinc, nickel and copper.  

Ring Sizes: Please make sure you know your ring size prior to ordering any of our rings. If you're unsure of your size, please utilize our conversion chart below, or check with your local jeweler, as they should have the proper tools needed to tell you your finger size. 

Jewelry Measurements: The millimeter is the standard unit of measurement in the jewelry industry. Using millimeters allows us to provide you with the most accurate dimensions for ordering purposes. To give you a better idea of our jewelry's dimensions: 

 3MM is approximately 1/8 inch 
6MM is approximately 1/4 inch 
13MM is approximately 1/2 inch 
19MM is approximately 3/4 inch 
25MM is approximately 1 inch 
50MM is approximately 2 inches