Sword Hero Necklace

Sword Hero Necklace

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"Amaki Ren, sixteen years old, high schooler"


The Rising of the Shield Hero


The Hero of the Sword. Youngest of the Heroes, As well loner by nature, he does his best to keep his image as a cool guy intact; at one point resorting to cheating when in a losing duel against Eclair. Commanding the most loyalty, he prefers to run his party like a guild and only working directly together when a powerful monster appears believing each member is only responsible for themselves. While the most willing of the Heroes to hear out Naofumi's claims and advice, his condescending nature towards those at lower levels than himself still leads to tension between the two.


What’s Your Passion Jewelry has crafted this pendant in sterling silver. We coat the entire pendant in a layer of rhodium for lasting protection from the elements and add a layer of 14kt yellow gold overlay. The center stones are lab-created cabochon sapphires.


Two-tone – with 2 lab-created sapphires


With leather cord


Packaging: Black Paper Box


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