Darkest Faerie Brooch + Chain

Darkest Faerie Brooch + Chain


🚨 Render is a prototype; there will be a small ring with a removable bail attached to the top of the piece to allow the brooch to be worn as a pendant. If you choose to remove the chain, there is a magnetic closure in place of our traditional metal pin components.


💎 Jewelry Quality Designs: Premium Soft Enamels, Special Glitter Highlights, 2” in Height, Magnetic Closure + 24” Chain


🌈 Bonus: Receive a rare in-game code with every pin purchased.


🦄 Super Bonus: Receive a super rare in-game code with a Neopets merch purchase totaling $45 or more.


🎁 Gift With Purchase Pin: Free pin of your choosing with a $95 Neopets Merchandise purchase - applicable to both Neopets Jewelry and Neopets Pins.


⭐️ Official Licensed Neopets Merchandise


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❤️ NEOPIN – Buy 8 pins, get 1 free… ** you must have 9 items in your cart for the offer to activate **


❤️ D10 - $10 off a purchase of $105 or more – replacement for someone that wants just a discount instead of a free pin and/or is wanting to buy jewelry too!


❤️ D20 - $20 off a purchase of $200 or more – same as the above but more money off!